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Accounting Services:
Our Accounting Services benefit you with increased profits and reduced taxes.Timely Preparation of your Federal and State tax forms including payroll tax, sales tax and income taxes.
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Life & Financial Services
Our Life & Financial Services benefit you with maximizing your personal wealth. Estate Planning including Wills, Living Will, Health Care Proxies and Ethical wills.Retirement Planning including IRAs & Social Security Analysis
Notary Services
Get your documents notarized, attested, and acknowledge by our staff.You may come in during regular office hours to have documents notarized.
Regular Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Business Services
Our Business Services benefit you with solutions to on-going challenges. We can assist you from the very beginning with Corporate Filing, obtain ITIN or EIN number, Book Keeping, Selecting the best type of class for your business and more.
Unlimited Consultation of your business questions which will be priceless in running your day to day business life.


Sales Tax Law Changes in New York City – Effective August 1, 2009:

The sales and use tax rate increases to 8 ⅞ % (8.875%).

The exemption from NYC’s local tax for clothing and footwear changed. As of August 1, 2009, sales of clothing and footwear costing $110 or more per item or pair in NYC are subject to full 8⅞ % tax rate. Items costing less than $110 remain fully exempt.

The receipts from any sales of the services of transporting, transmitting, distributing, or delivering gas or electricity are subject to the NYC 4 ½ % local tax.